Born Dead #10
02 июля 2000

Cult pro light - the history of uneasy fate of the Chinese clone of the Spectrum - Enterprise 64/128.

<b>Cult pro light</b> - the history of uneasy fate of the Chinese clone of the Spectrum - Enterprise 64/128.
                    Cult pro light

         Enterprise 64/128/256: English Flopnik? *

    In the last issue I published his impressions of working 
with little common computer "Sam Coupe". As I said

Unbeliever, many of the article very much. And after
some thought I decided to write an article on another computer
with a similar fate - Enterprise 64/128. I chose
it for two reasons. The first reason: it was mentioned in
previous article. The second reason: for a sufficiently long
time some of you might read in a magazine advertisement
"Technology of Youth." And quite possibly want to buy a miracle
or at least to know me more, what it is. I was also
among those who read that ad and thought about purchasing this
Computers, however, at the time, I had a Speccy
(Cost the me in a decent amount of money) and I could no longer
afford such expensive pleasures.

    Enterprise 64/128 sold at that time only in the wording
TM and its price was high enough (to the same great scarecrow
need to pay at the current rate of some currencies that
made the purchase of a computer almost impossible).

    My article is intended precisely for those who just like me
once wanted to know more about this computer. Unfortunately,
several months of searching the information I have failed
find enough active users for Enterprise that
to clarify some details. And in the process of writing, I
based not on their own experience, as it was in writing
Article about Sam Coupe, and the disparate facts and a few
I found articles on the Internet.

    I want to thank: Unbeliever'u, for what he
wait until the end of this article; Eamonn O'leary for an 
article on Enterprise 64/128 adventures in England; Vincze Bila 
Gyorgy for information dissemination Enterprise 64/128 in 

                    Enterprise64/128 in England

    In 1983, it was one of the largest trading companies
Hong Kong "Locumas", having heard about the phenomenal success 
of Clive Sinclair on his ZX-Spectrum'om, decides to declare 
itself on the market home computers. In September 1982, an 
intermediary company "Locumas" in the face of United Commercial 
Bank refers to Intelligent Software with a proposal to develop 
a completely new home computer, which opportunities should be

far exceed the capabilities vceh existing at that
time of an 8-bit home computers. Moreover, the bank said
that is the only mediator between the performer and the customer
but did not disclose the names of the latter. I.S. agrees fairly
playfully reaches out, a month later work on the project
under the working title D.P.C. underway.

    All project information is kept in the strictest confidence.
Reducing "D.P.C." stands for "Damp-Proof Course",
which loosely translated into Russian language means "The only
The right way. "Of course, such an effect on the title
Some like a bull acts melteshenie red

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
Brief technical characteristics of computer Enterprise64/128:

 Processor: Z80A
 Clock Speed: 4Mhz
 ROM: 32K includes interpreter BASIC, and

                   simple text editor. IC

                   ROM is from a cartridge that is

                   can be easily changed without opening itself

 RAM: 64k or 128k (50k only accessible from BASIC

                   in the 64k model), expandable to 3.9Mb
 Sound: special processor Dave; 3 stereo channels, 8 octaves

                   a noise generator, 64 volume

 Keyboard: full QWERTY keyboard with 8

                   additional function keys;

                   instead of the cursor keys used

                   embedded in the computer joystick
 Input / Output: RGB, tape (2 ports), external joystick

                   (2 ports), Expansion port configuration, 

 Media: cassette recorder or separately

                   supplied expansion unit contains one

                   or two drives of 380 kilobytes each
 Graphics: Nick special processor allows you to work in

                   eight standard graphic video modes,

                   among which are the following:

                   - 672x512 in 2 colors (interlace)

                   - 672x256 in 4 colors

                   - 256x160 in 16 colors

                   - 180x80 in 256 colors

                   but you who does not forbid programming

                   special processor Nick as you want, just

                   like your video mode is not required more 
than 64k 

                   memory were available several standard

                   text mode:

                   - 40x24

                   - 40x28

                   - 40x32

                   - 84x56 (interlace)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------

    While engaged in the development of Intelligent Software
viscera, Jeff and Nick Hollington Oakley begun to establish
appearance of a new computer. And in February 1983, they
able to provide something beneficial to the customer differs 
from a typical case a home computer at the time. Unfortunately,

after a while, IS decides to draw another
designer who decides to abandon the proposed
the sponsors of two-color version and recommends that
the color scheme of "coloring" the computer in basic colors.

    This was one of the reasons for the decline of interest in 
the Enterprise, because more and more people wanted to have a 
home computer, which as many as possible would be like

professional rather than a bright child's toy. It is also the
caused some confusion at a time when the computer
still hit the shops.

    Despite the fact that the appearance has undergone some
change the inner content of the computer remains the same, and
work on it progressed rather quickly. Nick Toop
developed his part of the project using the not so recently
appears on the application of technology based Uncommitted
Logic Array (U.L.A). This small square chip which had a
72 O allowed to create perhaps the most flexible, for 8
bit home computers, the image generation system. In
the final version of the chip was named "Nick".

    Simultaneously with the development of the graphic special 
processor Dave Vudfiyld worked to develop other ULA chips

the primary purpose of which was concluded a full-fledged
stereo sound. One of its additional functions was
memory management system, which allows up to
3.9 megabytes of RAM and ROM. Accordingly, the final version of 
this chip called "Dave".

    To reduce the ultimate cost of the computer was taken
to simplify the keyboard by applying the same method that
Sir Clive Sinclair has applied in his Zx-Spectrum'e, ie
use a rubber membrane, leaving only one slot
expansion, using Z80A microprocessor instead of the more
productive Z80B. For the same reason it was decided not
put into the computer option ROM, which previously
expected to place an assembler and a text editor
enhanced capabilities.

    Department of Market Research was located in London
office of the Anglo-Indian trading company Domicrest, which is 
to had already participated in the financing of the project.

Naturally the very first step would be to come up with a 
resounding name for the future of the computer. The title, 
which would indicate the fact that the computer had Eastern 
origin. Most first option was the name of "Samurai". But soon 
the company Hitachi began manufacturing computers under that

name and had to quickly come up with something new. Some time
project was known under the name "Oscar", but that very few 
people liked and get the name of "Elan".

    It was under this name was first circulated
Information on the development of a new computer. This was a 
huge a mistake as it turned out that there already exists a 
certain company "Elan" specializing in the manufacture of 
software products. She immediately filed a lawsuit against the 
illegal use of their brand. The trial lasted until the 1984 
year. "Elan" won the case and had to rename the prototype

"Enterprise", and the company itself the developer of "Flan" 
(that writes and reads almost exactly the same as "Elan"). A 
little later the company moved away from this stupid name and 
renamed themselves in "Enterprise Computers".

    Soon Enterprise Computers to open a branch in
production and distribution of software for
Enterprise called Entersoft. It was assumed that the
time out of the Enterprise for it should already be
produced a variety of programs. Moreover, these programs should
make full use of the computer.

    Even before the infrastructure company has been completely
formed, the decision to publicly declare that
new computer will be on sale in September 1983 the first year.
In fact, it was an attempt to intrigue the potential
customers and keep them from purchasing computers other
firms. On actual fact, Enterprise had to appear in
stores by April 1984 he has taken. The press and the potential
Buyers were so impressed with the technical specifications and
the prospect of the most profitable investment of their funds 
that Company Flan Computers has received more than 80.000 pre-

orders for a total amount read in 20 million pounds.
Entersoft promised to release about one hundred programs for 
Enterprise the time of his appearance in the sale, and all 
awaited the appearance of this with bated breath. By July 1984, 
it became evident that there's something wrong, by December of 
that year no longer wait most stubborn and patient.

    As might be expected, some newspapers, which initially
not very well received promises of Enterprise Computers,
began to resemble - "we are warned that this is all
nonsense!. "Such publications have caused significant damage to 
the prestige Company and interest in Enterprise has 
significantly decreased. For this followed by numerous reviews 
of pre-orders. Almost immediately afterwards - in January of 
1985 - finally, there was a number of ready-to-computer sales 
... "Only" nine months after the announced release date.

    By the time the world has become even more violent than it 
was in April 1984-year. Consumers have become more conservative

cynical and demanding of your computer. Gold
times when buying everything on what was written word
"Computer" has passed. Fortunately, Enterprise, even at that 
time was much much better than their competitors.

    Now is the time separation of market research and
spread to show all of what it can to improve
Demand for Enterprise. But they have almost none of which 
failed. Tom had been two main reasons - first is that they have 
not been able to really spend before the available time and to 
create a sufficient number of programs to the output computer 
and generally could not do better or anything macabre 
demonstration cassette (all programs which were written on the 
IS-Basic). A second reason is that they have spent on an 
advertising campaign of 50.000 pounds instead of the previously 
planned 2.5 million pounds.

    It is possible that a similar reduction in advertising costs
was associated with a release expected soon 128K model of 
Enterprise, which should be much more competitive on

compared with the 64K model. It looks like they decided to 
suspend advertising campaign before the release of the 128K 

    Those who bravely waited out Enterprise since the first
official announcement of the 64K model, were surprised by the 
cool, that its price was 25 percent higher than that of which

stated in the advertisement (and this happened at a time when 
other companies to reduce prices of their machines). This was 
another reason for declining interest in the Enterprise and the 
emergence of new press publications matured far not the most

favorably to the company, Washington.

    The most unpleasant thing that the price increase has 
occurred at precisely the when everyone was expecting the 
opposite. A price increase has coincided with need to move from 
mass production to small batch production at the company 
located in the GRI Scottish city of Perth. These two factors 
led to that price had to be reduced while the cost of production

risen somewhat. Many felt that the Enterprise Computers
is going to be closed, and simply selling the leftovers.

    Another nuisance for Enterprise is that many
confuse it with the Amstrad CPC 464 which was very similar to
Enterprise 64. Amstrad CPC 464 was released for three months
earlier (as had been planned by Amstrad). A confused them
due to similar colors of the Corps - both machines were
suspiciously similar to each other. It is likely that Amstrad
CPC464 was intentionally similar to the Enterprise 64. If this
indeed the case, Alan Sugar got what he wanted to - many
CPC464 bought instead of Enterprise in full confidence that they
got exactly what they wanted. When it finally appeared himself
Enterprise 64, for many it seemed an attempt to simulate
appearance of the Amstrad CPC464 with intent to deceive the 

    By the time of completion of the 128K models, Enterprise has
could not change the design of a computer, because too many
machines were produced by Elueyn Electronics, which
honestly followed the initial requirements of the contract. 
Companies Enterprise or anything else left to do except

start remaking all the models in the 64K 128K model. Between
these models were only two external differences: the color of 
the tops joystick changed from green to light gray, and changed

the nameplate of the computer model.

    Advertising Campaign 128K cars were only a parody on
what was supposed to do. In May of 1985 on advertising
has not existing block expansion and advertising of stereo sound
(Although there has been no single program that
would use this opportunity) was spent only 250.000

        At this point, started coming to the end of the selected
funds. All of them were wasted on paying for the lawsuits and
in consequence of the incredible organizational failures. 
Although computer and sold in many countries, including Ireland,

France, Germany, Scandinavia, South Africa and Australia, but
Yet it was Britain that a country which bears
best hope. Alas, there he became especially popular
because of the small number of programs for it ...

    Promises remain promises, never the real number
produced programs have not not reached that amount,
which had been promised - "Forty programs by January 1985", 
"Hundreds of programs by January 1986 "... Still can not 
persuade any of company to start producing programs for the 
Enterprise does not agreeing to a pre-payment of huge fees.

Therefore, Enterprise decides to concentrate on
creating floppy drive controller with CP / M compatible 
operating system EXDOS, which was to enable the end user

be able to run anything that has existed for
the operating system.

    By the time of the publication of the company EXDOS 
Enterprise serious difficulties arose with the spread and she 
was forced to turn to selling their products through the mail

distribution, as well as advertising content tiny
ads. Last attempt to get out of the critical
situation was the release of a brand new computer PW360,
which the company offered to Enterprise companies in Dixons
as the main rival Amstrad PC 8256. By
some reason Dixons refused to invest in
production and development of the PW360. On June 18, 1986
The Joint Commercial Bank decides to liquidate
Enterprise Computer Ltd, and pay receivers Grant
Thornton's debt was to the point of almost 8.000.000 pounds

                  Enterprise 64/128 in Hungary.

    Enterprise 128 appeared in Hungary in 1987 year. Largest
Hungarian trading network called CENTRUM almost
across the country opened specialty stores for the sale of these
computers, where the distributed Enterprise 128 on a 
surprisingly low price. Full set includes the computer itself,

tape recorder and a joystick cost only 20.000 HUF. You can also
were available, and various peripheral devices, such as
drive controller "EXDOS"; speech synthesizer "SpeakEasy";
computer hardware emulator ZX-Spectrum; and others.

    Enterprise into the country from two sources: from England 
and from Germany. Accordingly, in one of the computers were

stitched German version EXOS and language interpreter
BASIC programming, and the rest English. Thanks
very low cost and powerful advertising campaign about 20.000
computers were sold before 1989 the first year. So-called
"Standard" set - a computer with a tape recorder - to 1989-th 
year cost only 11.900 HUF.

    20.000 cars sold? Yes, it's quite a lot ... it
means at least 20.000 users. These users
necessary software and technical services
but CENTRUM terminate support to users and to sell new
programs as soon as sold out all available in the
available computers. All Hungarian owners were Enterprise

    But they are not desperate and did not retreat. Csaba 
Hajnal and friends founded ENTERPRESS, Hungarian magazine for 
users Enterprise. The editors of this magazine with the largest

Enterprise-club developed a "new" version of the computer. They
called him "our Enterprise".

    Appeared young and talented programmers: Gyanyi Sandor,
author of the legendary "Small demo"; Haluska Laszlo, father of 
EP-DOS (this is Dos Navigator to Enterprise); Zozo, who coined 
as disperse the microprocessor to 7.12 megahertz (without the 
need installation of additional fees or making changes to

the main board of the computer); Meszaros Gyula, who created the
interface for serial data transfer fees and hours
many other devices; brothers Richter, Szilagyi Zoltan (Agsys).
DevilSoft and others ...

    These programmers have formed a self-sustaining
user community Enterprise. They released the game (although,
most of these games have been rescheduled from ZX-Spectrum 128, 
it is even evolved into a separate area for rework programs on 
the Spectrum ...), the demonstration and application software


    In 1992, the German company VTGe, wrought
Computers Enterprise, opens its representative office in
Hungary. They promised a lot of strange things (including
technical support, new software, completely
a new model for computer-based Super-Z80 firm Hitachi; new,
21 bit data bus; MIDI interface, etc. ..), but only
a couple of months simply disappeared with all its promises.
No one knows why.

    In 1993 it on the Enterprise can view PCX
pictures, play VOC files and even the MOD modules, to create
a huge database ... play popular games like
"Lemmings", "Dizzy", "Chase H.Q." and the other not less known
on other platforms games.

    1994th year was the "last" year. Journal ENTERPRESS
ceased to exist, and almost all programmers have moved
to other platforms like the PC and Amiga. CENTRUM turned off 
sale Spectrum emulator. They say they loaded all that was left 
on small truck, was taken to the dump and burned there. 
However, in 1997th in Hungary were still people who created 
something for Enterprise ...

                   Enterprise 64/128 in the USSR.

    Since spring 1988 edition of the popular science and
literary and art magazine "Technology Youth" began
actively promote personal computers in their
pages. The choice of edition fell not to the domestic
PC and English Enterprise 64/128. Category Club Electronic
Games ", with 1985 published various materials on
programmable calculator is now very strongly
invites readers to buy this computer, and proceeds to
publication of material about him. Appear even examples
programming in assembler Z80.

    After some time, created entirely Russified
text editor, which was sold directly to the editorial
magazine big enough for those times the price (of the order
8USD). The latest information on the status of this computer
I once had concerns with the 1993rd year. As I tried to
find out more detail about how what and to whom it was sold at
those who spread this computer in the Soviet Union, but almost 
none of which This did not work. I learned only one thing - in 
1989 ... 1991 there were association of computer users 
Enterprise 64/128. It seems to be an association called the 
Club. May be among those who now read these lines, there are 
those who have purchased the Enterprise 64/128 and can tell us 
about it? 

                        Parallel Worlds

    Probably one of the countries where the planned 
distribution of Enterprise 64/128 was some Arab country. Case 
that there are a number of computers with Enterprise 64/128

deposited on the keyboard Arabic characters. These machines were
produced by the same firm that supplied the Enterprise 64/128 in
Soviet Union - Enterprise Computers Gmbh. But the events of the 
early nineties in the Arab countries are likely to interfere 
with the plans propagation Enterprise 64/128 in Arab countries.

                   Emulators Enterprise 64/128

    I have found only three programs which are proudly
are called "Emulator Enterprise 64/128", but none of them can 
not be called such in full. Each of them is

great disadvantage organically combined with the huge
system requirements, which should all be fired.
Programs (at least freely distributed) is practically
No, all I managed to find a 10.5 megabyte Spectrum
Toy altered under Enterprise 64/128 (to run them
necessary hardware Spectrum emulator connected to the
Enterprise), so a dozen demonstrations.

--- Flopnik - these nasty little word of American journalists
called a failed attempt to start the Artificial Satellite
Earth, which was undertaken by the American government
response to the successful launch of Sputnik in 1959.

                                          (C) Mac Buster ^ 

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
(C) UnBEL! EVER ^ x7m

    Saying thank you Mac Buster'u for a new and insanely
interesting material, I would still express their views
on the problem. I am certainly not a great scholar, but in this
If I think everything is pretty obvious - is only
say it out loud. Enterprise was a dead machine, when in
The Soviet Union began its active advertising. Excellent 
machine, but to There are dead.

    Why do I dwell on this interesting? Yes, because we have
draw the right conclusions from the lessons of history. When 
tomorrow comes a new "uncle" with pockets full of achievements 
of Western folk economy on the ridiculous prices, it should 
still be clarified; whether the product is worthy. And then you 
can advertise all anything, and only later found out that the 
last hunger striker Ebony from Zimbabwe and one in their right 
mind would buy this product. 

    For those who want to refresh and in Enterprise'it
a bit, I cite the main URL of the resource in a global network
Internet, dedicated to this topic:

    -= Enterprise 64/128 Depository and Emulator Project = ~ cammejpm / enterprise.html

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