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31 декабря 1997

Hard group - ZS Scorpion 2000 - on the GMX-controller.

<b>Hard group</b> - ZS Scorpion 2000 - on the GMX-controller.

Barnaul (C) PREDATOR

 Caught once in my dirty paws drive
ZX-Revyu'97 / 5-6. Without thinking, I've posted
it diskovert and pressed RESET. What do we see? ZX-Review! The 
shell, more fancy than 3.4 release, with pictures, music, and 
screen saver - it is generally class! I do not know who prefers 
to read as Revyushku, but for me the first section - Authoring. 
Fifteen minutes after reading the section, I somehow

calmed the mad herd of thoughts and uploaded Micro Editor. The 
whole point is that Mr. Zonov decided to update the catalog of 
the firm and podzashibit small bucks. GMX-controller! Or put 
another way: Spectrum Forever! 

 Mg-a! How many megabytes of text was published in the Revue on 
the standardization and modernization of the Spectrum? Standard 
was Pentagon 128, as on criteria such as

memory / performance / availability /
price it was out of competition. With the modernization of the 
worse! Further conversations did not get, because Spectrum 
really no support (our Spectrum Finance sing ballads ...). In 
addition to firms 'slot', Condor, yes, "Scorpio" Nobody is 
developing new hardware for the Spectrum. "Slot" chegoy somehow 
calmed down, "Condor" tied with "Profiles," remained a 
"Scorpio". Mr. Bosons, supplying half the country to its

Scorpion ZS-256, realized that he could actually
become a monopolist Spectrum "iron" market, and then, in 
general, and software. Were therefore discarded all the 
prejudices of the "left" Scorpion, and, moreover, even 
published an article "How to modify your Computer literacy, to 
become the Scorpion." I do not know how many people embarked 
disfigure their normal working the Pentagon to become the 
Scorpion buggy (the world practice shows that the number of 
meters of wire is directly proportional to the square of the 
hardware bugs). Well, okay with glitches, the most important 

          I CAN zaimet SCORPIO!

         Scorpio - in every house?

 Sergei Zonov chose the correct policy,
because, in this case, almost all of us
will need to have a Scorpion-compatible
equipment for normal operation. So it
it would be, if not the plight of the Spectrum in our country. 
And now, once and for permanently solve the problem of total 
modernization of the Spectrum-compatible computers, was coined 
by GMX-controller. And this gizmo makes Scorpio-Scorpio-256 in 
2000! Two "m" memory, extended graphics mode, compatibility 
with the firm Spectrum and even the Pentagon! This not all that 
allows you to implement GMX-controller! If you want to know 
about it more - read the "ZX-Revue." Most

pleasant - this is what the owners of Scorpion
placed in one row with another user
ZX'ov. Because GMX is connected to the CPU socket,
are absolutely identical in all models, but a few dozen wires to
signals, which, incidentally, also has almost
on all models, and if some do not, then
their "well, very easy, you can create, then
there is no reason (other than financial) to your
Robic not turn into a scorpion-2000 "one
a wave soldering iron. "This fact means
a new era in the development of the Spectrum!

 Of course, there are people who will say:
"But why me GMX, because it would no longer be
Spectrum, the more I have the Pentagon,
and that's it! ". Well, 16K Spectrum
their hands and the tape on the neck! GMX is the only company, 
so all differences between the different models are 
automatically eliminated. This fact in itself very important, 
plus new features will force many to think about purchasing 
GMX-controller. Of course, the $ 35-40 a bit too much to 
Spectrum standards, but because We do not buy stuff, not some

Chinese PC there, or even worse -
Sega, and now Spectrum of the future!

 By the way, if it is possible to work on
Scorpio in the CP / M, then there is no reason
to a more powerful machine is not running
"Real" OS: a complete CP / M, UNIX, and even
if need be, stripped down and reworked version of MS-DOS! Not 
to mention our IS-DOS, which is 2 megabytes of hard drive will 
simply fly or Pink Floyd, for which you now have the necessary 
256kb minimum. On the Spectrum will known

software packages from other platforms. Transfer
they will be facilitated by the fact that the configuration of 
the system can be abruptly changed programmatically. And if 
some of the built Examples of configurations not be necessary,

simply replace the ROM is radically changing
"Interior" two thousandth of Scorpio.
This can not afford even a PC!

 For the systems people, and ordinary prikladnikov
users known and new programs will be
good gift, but about the gamers and we are not talking! If the 
"give everything" to 2 megabytes, hard drive and General Sound, 
then You can get a lot of pleasure from the sea of ​​blood and 
death sound vrazhin. On 7 megahertz original DOOM, of course,

will not go, but if there was a graphical
accelerator (albeit from the IBM PC), then
Spectrum closer to AMIG'e, which,
Incidentally, megahertz and megabytes
also do not indulge, but not bad geymovki deep.

 In short, the time will be more Spectrum
live, or go to the most dusty
shelves ...

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