ZX Format #03
29 февраля 1996
  Scorpion ZS  

Iron - a new model of the Spectrum: Scorpion ZS 256 Turbo +.

<b>Iron</b> - a new model of the Spectrum: Scorpion ZS 256 Turbo +.
(Journal article ZX Format N3)

       Attention, new product:

  Fee Scorpion ZS 256 Turbo +

      (Development 1996)

(C) Scorpion 1996


   Company Scorpion (St. Petersburg)
launched a new version of the computer Scorpion ZS
256 Turbo. This version of the computer received in its index +
name. What is it different
from the previous model? Several of these differences. First of 
all, when you see a new board

Scorpion Turbo +, you'll be pleasantly
surprised by her appearance and build quality. This board is 
made to date, has a protective mask covering the green, avoid 
dirt, oxidation, closures, etc. Board size became smaller -

compare themselves with old clothes
235 * 160 mm, the new - 210 *
160 mm, despite the fact that the new
board also has a mounting
field for various improvements and
extensions, allows up to 10 buildings on 16 ICs
conclusions. If you do not need it
mounting box, you can safely remove it, but
Board size reduced to 195
* 160 mm.

   We also want to bring to your
information that all the above and below the improvements and
completion taking place on
card Turbo +, its cost is not
changed and is 44 standard units or 220,000 rubles to 
03/01/1996 (excluding AY 8910/12). 

   To users
Scorpion old computers could not go to the trouble
new fee is fully preserved
layout and location of connectors
peripherals, and system connector
connectors for floppy drives. You just have to take off
the old card and insert a new one.
Also, note that
new board requires only one
Power Supply +5 B (Contact
socket periphery, which
before voltage was applied
+12 V is not involved), so
if you use modern
and quality drives in 3.5,
then going to a new card
can at the same time refuse
power supply to the +12 V. Current consumption at +5 B is
no more than 0.9 A.

   Another important advantage
Turbo + card is the presence of
possibility of switching mode
Turbo / Norma both software
and hardware with a simple button without fixing, working on 
the closure. For each Pressing the button switches modes Turbo 
/ Standard for opposite. At the same time provides the 
connection LED indicator that displays the current mode of 
operation. Now user does not need to move

in the shadow monitor to quickly change the mode or
know what mode is set to

   Another important innovation of the new card Turbo + - 
availability of the system bus, but no system connector. The 
user can now connect to the motherboard 2 more peripheral 
cards. If compare with the computer KAY-256

for which there are three slots on the
system bus (but one immediately
goes under the drive controller,
therefore it can not accept
into account), it turns out that
These boards have the same performance on this parameter. On
We believe that the absence of systemic
tires on a few slots were
major shortcoming of previous
computer models of Scorpion
Compared with the computer KAY-256.
This is now improved!

   Speaking about the circuit design, it should be noted that in
Turbo + Fixed some minor shortcomings of previous computer 
models 256 and Scorpion ZS Scorpion ZS 256 Turbo, namely:

Simplified decoding coprocessor port music - now
is not used for the CPU address A12
decryption. As a consequence, - The music program
such as the Instrument, Digital
Studio, accessing ports
Music coprocessor FFFDh
and BFFDh abbreviated address
FDh. When decoding port TR
DOS introduced an additional address signal A0, 
cuschestvovavshy on the earliest models of Scorpion,

been produced in 1992,
but subsequently cleaned because of
the need for a decoder to signal M1. Increased slightly during 
the field sweep, and as a consequence, those mostly musical 
demonstration programs that do not fit

in the interval between two INT, and
so it works 2 times slower, now working as intended. INT signal 
is now generated digitally, it duration of the hard-coded and

is 9mks, and done so
that programs are sensitive
to the duration of the signal INT, and had previously worked 
correctly in Turbo mode due to re-capture interrupt, now this 
is not occurs. In all other models of computers, which we 
choose, this defect in our reportedly present. When

development board was laid Turbo + the ability to read 
individual bits of the system ports and 7FFDh 1FFDh via music 
processor, which is necessary for the correct operation of the 
informal service monitor in determining the current 
configuration of your computer when you click Magic. 
Experienced users Scorpion familiar with the situation when 
improperly determined the current page or RAM instead of SCR 5 
monitors showed SCR 7, now this defect will


   The only one that had to be done and not done
onboard Turbo +, it is possible
blocking the port 1FFDh when accessing other system ports
abbreviated address FDh. Not
dwell on the fact
how to access the port with the address 7FFDh, and how
will run programs that use a shortened addressing, in branded 
computers ZX Spectrum +2, +2 A, +3. Let it

remain on the conscience of our
programmers who save
bytes, where this is not the slightest need. Because
In our view, this does not have to suffer a user computer, 
along with calls for programmers to use the correct addressing, 
we'd like to recommend to those who already have Scorpion or 
even just thinking about purchasing it, to collect one

from a large number of published schemes lock port
1FFDh. First of all, may look at the first number
ZX-Format (Section gland). Since the free space for extensions, 
improvements and research at the board Scorpion Turbo + left 
plenty, then this kind of refinement in the presence of 
detailed documentation (see below) does not be difficult for 
those who wish to do so. 

   Another important fact - now pay Scorpion ZS
256 Turbo + is sold together with
original concept and assembly plan, and, naturally,
marking chips stored,
is especially important for users living in remote areas, as 
well as those who love himself refine and improve their 
computer. At the same time are all the previous conditions of 
warranty service: at the exit fee from Scorpion Turbo + system 
through no fault of the user, Scorpio company warrants the 
payment of costs consist of down the details.

   On all matters relating to
Pay Scorpion ZS 256 Turbo +,
please contact our call:
(812) 524-1653,172-3117,251-1262.


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