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31 октября 1995
  Scorpion ZS  

Iron - Manufacturers: Scorpion ZS 256

<b>Iron</b> - Manufacturers: Scorpion ZS 256
Scorpion ZS 256:

        What's new?

(C) Scorpion

   This question we often ask. Not being able to
reply to everyone, we decided to
Within this article to try to
briefly to give an answer to this and
other similar issues. We want to share with you information 
about new developments in the field computer peripherals and 
talk about the current situation on the road development of our 

   Talking about new developments in peripheral
technology should be primarily
stay on the controller
IBM - Keyboard and mouse. Currently existing
such developments are of low technical specifications, 
represent two different devices, and everything else can not 
simply be connected to the system connector of our computer and 
other computers, with a similar system


   Speaking of low technical
characteristics, we mean
the following:

   1. Very long duration
signal WAIT, formed
controller when polling the keyboard. This leads to unpleasant
"Howling" soundtrack in programs that combine audio processing 
and interviewing key. So have the disadvantage of Controllers 
XT - keyboard Computer Profi and KAY-256.

   2. Rigidly defined, unchangeable "layout" key sharply
narrows the range of programs that take advantage of IBM - the 

   3. All existing development designed to work with outdated 
and obsolete IBM-XT keyboard and the keyboard does not support 
IBM-AT, and most of today's IBM -

keyboards no longer have a regime

   4. Lack of well-defined and
a variety of service capabilities restrict the use of extremely 
comfortable to hold keyboard from the IBM PC.

   5. Developed to date controllers KEMRSTON
MOUSE has two drawbacks: -
First, they work only with
relatively small (20-25)
number of programs that support
interface KEMRSTON MOUSE (in other programs without this
support, the mouse will not work). Secondly, can only be a 
passive mouse. These disadvantages of both

Controllers firm Create Soft
Lab, and the controller, which was published in the pages of ZX 
- Review (N11995). We developed

universal controller deprived
all these shortcomings.
Keyboard, there are five versions of "layout" keys. In 
addition, the possible imposition of any reasonable number of 
additional options that will made some time later,

necessary to identify the most frequently used and the desired 
layout options. Provided with any type of IBM - Keyboard, as 
IBM-XT, and IBM-AT. Determining the type of keyboard 
automatically. The controller can serve as

any active mouse from IBM -
compatible computers, and
Passive mouse on computers
type ES1840, 41, "Corvette", "Search", etc. Determining
what a mouse is connected, also

   Finally, the main advantage
our controller - an opportunity
work not only in
KEMRSTON MOUSE, but also in the mode of
emulation of any existing
types of joysticks: KEMPSTON,
Selecting the type of joystick made with IBM - the keyboard, 
pressing shortcuts  +  +

one of the keys. So
Thus, in programs where supported KEMPSTON MOUSE, you
working with this interface, and
in programs where there is no support
KEMPSTON MOUSE, you choose
emulation of any of the possible types of joysticks. In our 
view, it's simple and convenient. Lovers

various "ctrelyalok 'liking
will feature "AutoFire",
easily implemented by using the mouse.

   An important advantage
controller is the fact that
it connects directly
to the system connector Scorpion ZS
256 without the slightest change in the
the board. Not difficult to connect to other Spectrum - 
compatible computers, but requires small improvements in

diagram of the computer according to

   Another of our development is the controller MIDI - 
Interface that allows you to connect to Scorpion ZS 256 musical 
instruments, with this interface, and turn your PC into music 
center with sequencer, editor of the scores, arrangements, etc. 
We hope that you will be interested our controller, if you have

What - any relation to music. Possessing all the features
have similar devices for computers "Atari",
"Amiga", etc., at a price our
controller with the software
software costs several
times cheaper, which is especially important for novice 
musicians. Detailed material on this subject can be obtained 
directly from company "Scorpio".

   The most important direction in the development of computer 
Scorpion ZS 256 is an extension of the built

service software. Actually, the availability of such security 
is the main difference Scorpion ZS 256 of all other cars of 
this class, which allows to continuously develop and expand 
opportunities computer without major changes in hardware.

   Initially, the computer was a chip ROM of 64 KB
(27,512), and under the shadow Service -
Monitor has been allocated almost
more than 16 KB. As the
embedded software, this volume was
fully occupied, absorbed the
only a small portion of our ideas
and ideas. Particularly relevant
was the creation of ProfPZU in connection with
development of the controller hard
disc works in both the TR-DOS,
and in systems IS-DOS and CP / M.
It was decided to increase
built-in computer software, adding
professional expansion ROM.
Originally planned to create professional extensions in the 
form of a program loaded into extended memory. After how the 
first versions of professional expansion in this form have 
earned, we had to abandon this idea, since the program worked 
quite - yet slowly, held decent amount of extended

RAM, which today no longer
enough, and demanded to boot from
diskettes, etc. Suddenly it was possible to increase
ROM at all without - any modification. Was found a beautiful and
original way - instead of
conventional ROM chips in the same
socket is inserted into a miniature
Riser ROM-type
27010 or 27020, also be mounted on the panels. At the same time
the maximum amount of built-in
service software increased to
80 KB (for 27,010), or up to 208 KB
(For 27020). ROM 27020 instead of 27010 will be set by simply 
replacing the chip. Today in the ProfPZU built: 

 - Parser-based programs
Fort resident - a system, giving new flexibility for
debugging their own and others' studies

 - Tape converter programs to convert
program from the tape to disk
practically without any - or rework. Converter operates
the same principle as the key
"MAGIC" TR-DOS, but lacks
most of the shortcomings and mistakes
standard procedure for preservation
image of the computer's memory to disk. In addition, the 
converter allows you to store all working memory Scorpion ZS 
256, and the converted file with a program stored on disk in a 
compressed format 

 - Support for menu, display shadow KEMPSTON MOUSE and KEMPSTON
joystick, which makes
convenient and pleasant

 - Support Programme chip nonvolatile memory and
hours (CMOS). Furthermore, in fact,
hours with a calendar, CMOS allows you to save time, turn off 
the computer, some hardware specifications and operating modes 
work, which automatically restored when you switch on your 
computer. CMOS chip will be constructive located on-board hard 
drive, while the same for the conservation modes

You can use the following
feature: save to a floppy disk the current mode
computer, with automatic restoration of these
regimes, if the inclusion
computer floppy disk is inserted into the

   In the near future in
ProfPZU should appear: support for hard disk controller (NDD), 
the program "DISK DOCTOR". 

   Realizing that it is impossible to grasp
immensity, we introduced a ProfPZU
support for ROM - ROM, which stores frequently downloaded
users of the program. This
"Noney Commander" (an analogue of "Norton Commander"), and 
software shell "MaGos", turns

Scorpion in psevdomnogozadachnuyu
machine. Features
"MaGos" simply amazing. We advise you to consult the 
advertising information. Your computer will simply be 
transformed, if "MaGos" will be of built-resident

Software. Note that you can yourself
order the personal
ProfPZU their favorite you

   A long delay with the release of
Light Controller NDD associated
primarily with the colossal
amount of software needed to
maintain a comfortable work NDD
in TR-DOS, and in the CP / M and
IS-DOS. The concept of simultaneous
NDD work in various operating systems is as follows: NDD 
(maximum capacity up to 800 MB) is divided by the user on 
several global topics (for one for each type of operating 
system): Section TR-DOS, Section IS-DOS, CP Section / M. In

the last two sections can be
create subfolders, everything
simple and clear. Section TR-DOS,
because of some "inferiority"
This system is divided into
sub-volume equal to the volume of a floppy disk (800 KB). User 
with a built-service software has the ability to simultaneously 
work with two such psevdodisketami representing system TR DOS 
logical drives C and D. Selection and Connection sub-out either 
from the menu shadow service - monitor, or using special 
subroutine calls service - the monitor from the user programs. 
Working with files on a pseudo - floppy is, thus, using 
standard TR-DOS. 

   In conclusion, we want to do
important observation concerning
ProfPZU. His work is possible
only TURBO - Computer Version Scorpion ZS 256. Respectively, 
and all additional devices and software supported by ProfPZU 
will work only on computers with TURBO -

regime. This is done in the - first, because - for lack of 
performance of conventional computers, work on which to part of 
the program is so slow, you lose all the advantages of embedded 
software. And, - Secondly, to the real

protection of our copyright
all these developments, as fully to repeat it our version of PC 
TURBO practically impossible, and on one or other "pirate" 
versions of the usual fees Scorpion ZS 256, already vengeance 
walking in Russia, and often created not a good name of our 
company, and all ProfPZU devices, software support which is 
made in ProfPZU will not work. All

users with Scorpion
ZS 256 (not Turbo) brand manufacturer, we offer
to finalize their computers to
Turbo mode and install

   We want all of the above information, you have made the 
following conclusion - the possibilities of our computers are 
constantly being improved and developed, and we told you only 
those developments that are either already available 
commercially, or will come in soon as possible. Appetite

comes with eating - at least
realization of their ideas, we
find and are working on new
ideas and concepts, but the information
on them we do not give. We hope that the next time
to you, these ideas will already be implemented. On all matters
which will arise after you have
reading this article, as well as
with all the offers and requests associated with the computer
Scorpion ZS 256, please

         (812) -524-1653

         (812) -172-6994

         (812) -130-1995
or contact:
199048 Saint-Petersburg, PO Box 083,
Sergei Zonov.

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